Welcome to Emerald Properties, where our mission is to deliver the best shared living in Edmonton by providing the utmost in comfort, community, and quality. We take pride in offering the best shared living experiences, with state-of-the-art construction and design at the core of our philosophy. From meticulously crafted suites to thoughtfully designed shared spaces, we aim to create an environment that fosters a harmonious blend of privacy and social connection. At Emerald Properties, we are dedicated to setting the standard for excellence in shared living, ensuring our residents experience the pinnacle of modern and well-crafted living spaces in the city Edmonton.

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Emerald Properties strives to deliver unparallel tenant customer service. Your comfort is priority number one.

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Dedicated to providing high quality living at an affordable price.

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You will sleep soundly knowing your home has been built to exceed all industry standards

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Nestled in the heart of Alberta, Edmonton stands as a vibrant and welcoming city, celebrated for its thriving community spirit. Boasting a rich tapestry of cultural diversity and a strong sense of local pride, Edmonton offers residents a unique and inclusive environment to call home. Known for its scenic river valley, encompassing parks, and numerous outdoor recreational opportunities, the city effortlessly blends urban convenience with natural beauty. With a robust economy, excellent educational institutions, and a commitment to sustainability, Edmonton stands as a prime destination for those seeking a high quality of life in a warm and engaging community. The city's friendly atmosphere, coupled with a plethora of cultural events and festivals, makes Edmonton an exceptional place to live, work, and build lasting connections.

What Tenants are Saying!

Franklin Douglas

Living in a suite with a full bathroom and shared living areas has exceeded my expectations in every way. The convenience of having a personal bathroom combined with the communal spaces creates a perfect balance of privacy and social interaction, making it an ideal living arrangement beyond what I could have imagined.

Samantha Riech

Living in a suite at Emerald Properties has exceeded all my expectations. Having a full bathroom and shared living areas has not only provided unparalleled comfort but also fostered a sense of community that I hadn't anticipated, making every day feel like a true homecoming.

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